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Links – July 8, 2011

Silvery Lupine - lupinus argenteus

Silvery Lupine © 2010 Patty Hankins

Here are some posts and articles that I enjoyed this week – hope you enjoy them as well

Photography and Art Links

Moose Peterson has One Should Listen to Oneself!

Huffington Post has  Monkey Steals Camera, Takes Self-Portraits (VIDEO)

The Online Photographer has The Nerve of Some People

PhotoFocus has Google Plus – Read the Fine Print BEFORE You Sign Up

PhotoAttorney has  Copyright Office Encourages Filers to Include Titles of Unpublished Works with Registration


Flowers, Plants & Gardening Links has American Chestnut Restoration Breakthrough: The Tale of a Tree

Cool Green Science has Fixing the One Dumb Thing That Benjamin Franklin Did

Christian Science Monitor has Giant hogweed spreading across New York

Washington Post has  Does an iridescent flower have more pollinating power? UK scientists show off shimmery blooms


National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

National Parks Traveler has  PEER Maintains National Park Service Ignored Its Own Policies In Turning Blind Eye To Potential Wilderness at Big CypressYour Vote for “America’s Favorite Park” Could Help That Area Win $100,000 and Groups Urge National Park Service To Block Transmission Lines Along Everglades National Park

Refuge Watch has Addition to Rachel Carson NWR Could Be Lost Without Additional Funds


Wildlife Link

LA Times has  Researchers find plastic in more than 9% of fish in northern Pacific Ocean

Environmental Issues Links

The Guardian has Scientists finally get angry about indifference to climate change


Links – July 1, 2011

Colorado Blue Columbine

Colorado Blue Columbine © 2010 Patty Hankins

Just a few links this week – hope you find some of them interesting . . .

Photography and Art Links

PhotoWalkPro has Copyright vs. Fair-Use – or, What’s fair to some may not be to others

Guy Tal has Actually, There’s No App for THAT

Beyond Megapixels has How To Photograph Fireworks

National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

The National Parks Conservation Association has published a new report, The State of America’s Parks.  Several sites, including National Parks Traveler, and the New York Times, reported on it.

The Daily Reporter has Feds propose linking, expanding wildlife refuges in La & Ark to 172,000-acre expanse

National Parks Traveler has Hiking North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Heritage  ,  Is There A New Unit of The National Park System Coming To Your Neighborhood? and Traveler’s Checklist: Gettysburg National Military Park

Refuge Watch has iNature Trail at Ding Darling NWR

Wildlife Link

Yahoo News has Endangered species hit hard by historic Ariz. fire

National Parks Traveler has  Bald Eagle Hatching on Anacapa Island is Big News for Channel Islands National Park

Beautiful Wildlife Garden has Rescuing Injured Wildlife

Supporting our National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges and National Forests

Colorado Wildflower Landscape

Colorado Wildflowers (c) 2010 Patty Hankins

Some of my absolute favorite places to photograph are in National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges and National Forests. These are some of the last unspoiled natural places in some parts of the country. When you visit a National Park or National Wildife Refuge, you can get a sense of what the landscapes were like before they became covered with buildings and highway. They are also wonderful places to see and learn about wildlife, native plants and historical events. The National Parks and Wildlife Refuges are incredible resources that need to be protected and preserved.

Unfortuantely, they don’t receive as much funding as they need from the Federal government. Over the years, a huge backlog of deferred maintainence and unfunded projects has developed. Even with all the funds directed to these areas in the 2009 economic stimulus bill, which has funded 750 million dollars in repairs and projects in the parks, there is still a several billion dollar shortfall. In the current federal budge climate, ensuring adequate funding for parks, refuges and forests will continue to be an issue.

Smoky Mountain Sunrise (c) 2008 Patty Hankins

So the question is - what can individuals do to support these incredible places?

1. Purchase an America The Beautiful Pass – at only $ 80, the America the Beautiful Pass is an interagency pass that provides admission to any National Park, National Wildlife Refuge, National Forest and other federal lands for a full year. While some Parks and Refuges have admission fees that help support them, the majority do not.

2. Shop at the stores at the Parks and Refuges. Many National Parks and Wildlife Refuges have gift shops that feature items related to nature and places you are visiting. Many of the stores are run by Friends organizations and profits from the stores help support the Park or Refuge where it is located.

3. Join a Friend of a Park or Refuge Organization. From the Great Smoky Mountains Association to the Friends of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, there are a variety of organizations that support a specific park or refuge. When you join, you not only are supporting a place you love, but you also receive benefits such as discounts at stores and recipriocol discounts at other parks and refuges.

4. Contribute to one of the non-profit organizations that supports the National Parks, Refuges and Forests. There are several national non-profit organizations that help protect and support our public lands

  • The National Parks Conservation Association works to protect and enhance America’s National Parks for present and future generations.
  • The National Park Foundation works to strengthen the connection between the American people and their National Parks by raising private funds, making strategic grants, creating innovative partnerships and increasing public awareness. It was established in 1967 by an Act of Congress.
  • The National Wildlife Refuge Association works to to conserve America’s wildlife heritage for future generations through strategic programs that protect, enhance, and expand the National Wildlife Refuge System and the landscapes beyond its boundaries that secure its ecological integrity.
  • The National Forest Foundation works to promote the health and public enjoyment of the 193-million-acre National Forest System.

If you enjoy spending time in the National Parks, Wildlife Refuges and Forest as much as I do, I hope you’ll consider ways in which you can help support them.

Links – May 20, 2011

Orange paintbrush - castilleja integraOrange Paintbrush © 2010 Patty Hankins

These are a few articles I enjoyed reading this week. Hope you find some interesting links . . .

Photography and Art Links

PhotoAttorney has   Quote of the Day – Cariou v. Prince  and  Have You Granted Your Client An Implied License?

10,000 Birds has Photographing Wood-Warblers

Dan Williams has Nature Photography…….With elements of Man

DIY Photography had Your Complete Guide For Photographing Star Trails

Small Aperture has Your Pictures; Your Rights, redux

NYTimes has Christo’s Colorado Project May Hinge on Sheep

LightStalking has A Killer Collection of Adobe LightRoom Tutorials

Flowers, Plants & Gardening Links

Christian Science Monitor has Daylilies are wonderful flowers, but, oh, their names and How to have a ‘Star Trek’ garden

BBC has Invasion of the orchid snatchers

National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

National Parks Traveler has Celebrate “National Kids To Parks Day” This Saturday and  History Of American Mountain Music To Be Told At Blue Ridge Parkway

Refuge Watch has “Restoring America’s Wildlife Refuges 2011: Assets for All Americans”

Wildlife Links

NY Times has A Coast-to-Coast Guide to Endangered Species

Audubon Magazine has Mysterious Rodent Not Seen for a Century Appears At Colombian Eco-Lodge

MSNBC has Camels in Australia? 1 million causing havoc has Second Wave of Mystery Pelican Deaths Hits Topsail Beach, NC

Environmental Issues Links

BBC News has Rising resource use threatens future growth, warns UN

Links – February 18, 2011

Snowdrops - Galanthus nivalis

Snowdrops (c) 2010 Patty Hankins

Here are some sites I found interesting recently. Hope you find some of them interesting

Photography and Art Links

Peter Cox at Luminous Landscape has Planning a Shoot

A Photo Editor has Recent Facebook Changes Are Bad For Professional Photographers

TipSquirrel has  Ten Things Beginners Should Know in Lightroom

Photo Business News & Forum has Copyright – Enforce it Whenever Possible

Flowers, Plants & Gardening Links has  Variety of plants are spreading, invading space of native blooms

Invasive Notes has   The Wicked Inconvenience of Invasive Golden Bamboo

Mongabay has Vines Rising in the Amazon and other American Rainforests

DCist has  National Arboretum’s Azaleas: Saved!

Washington Post has  Arboretum reverses decision to destroy azalea display after public backlash

National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

DelawareOnline has  Delaware lawmakers proposes revised national park bill

National Parks Traveler has   Traveler’s View: The National Park Service Failed Its Mission With Plan For Addition Lands at Big Cypress National Preserve, Budgeting Woes Likely To Hit The National Park Service, Updated: National Park Service Budget Would Grow by $138 Million Under President’s FY12 Proposal

Refuge Watch has  Refuge System and Land Acquisition Funding Take a Hit in GOP Budget

Environmental News Network has   Climate change keenly felt in Alaska’s national parks has Natural habitats at wildlife refuge getting gentler version of beach cleanup

President Obama has introduced new initiatives in the America’s Great Outdoors Program. Info is available at



Wildlife Links

BBC has  In pictures: Malaysian wildlife caught on camera

National Park Service has  Big Horn Sheep use U.S. 93 wildlife overcross

Mongabay has Rhino Horn Price Matches Cocaine

Environmental Issues Links

NYTimes has  Heavy Rains Linked to Humans,   Southwestern Water: Going, Going, Gone? and The Risk to Bristol Bay

Links – February 4, 2011


Tour de France Iris (c) 2010 Patty Hankins


Here are some sites I found interesting recently. Hope you find some of them interesting

Photography and Art Links

PhotoAttorney has  Copyright Office Proposes Amendments to Deposit Requirements

PDNOnline has Actress Sues Corbis to Shut Down Online Marketing of Celebrity Images

Dan Williams has Birds in Winter

A Photo Editor has Exit Through The Gift Shop Star Mr. Brainwash Sued By Photographer

Really Right Stuff has Tripod Maintenance

Flowers, Plants & Gardening Links

Invasive Notes has Invasive plant species lists by state – US East Coast, Ontario & Midwest

The Star-Telegram has Senator cites adverse effects of measure to ban non-native aquatic plants

Get Your Botany On has Invasive Plant Species Identification

Science Daily has Home and Away: How Do Invasive Plant Species Dominate Native Species?

National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

Refuge Watch has The Future of National Wildlife RefugesNRDC Joins Fight to Stop Drilling at Baca NWR, World Wetlands Day 2011 and  Video Monday: Jimmy Carter Talks About His Visit to the Arctic NWR

National Parks Traveler has Roundup of Nearly 300 Yellowstone National Park Bison, With Some Destined For Slaughter, Draws Condemnation, North Carolina Politicians Ask Interior Secretary To Allow More ORV Access At Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Renewed Bid To Protect Glacier National Park From Energy Development and  How Are Your Entrance Fees Spent Across the National Park System?

Environmental Issues Links

Greenpeace Africa has Filthy Dirty Money: Koch brothers continue to fund denialism

Links – January 29, 2011

Kindergarten Daffodils (c) 2010 Patty Hankins

Here are some sites I found interesting recently. Links post is a day late this week – our power wasn’t back on until Friday afternoon.

Photography and Art Links

Photo Attorney has Copyright Office Tries Easier Method to Register Photographs

PetaPixel has  Government Issued Internal Notice Affirming Photographers’ Rights

Plagiarism Today has  Why Mass Copyright Lawsuits Must Stop

Flowers, Plants & Gardening Links

NYTimes has Spread of Deadly Virus Tied to Forest Decline

Christian Science Monitor has  Plants’ global warming dilemma: climb to escape heat or stoop for water? and Nobel Peace Prize winner finds spiritual values in planting trees

Science Daily has Islands in the Sky: How Isolated Are Mountain Top Plant Populations?

Associated Content has  Obtaining Native Wildflowers for Your Garden or Woodsy Area

The Guardian has New to Nature No 29: Mastigostyla torotoroensis

The Orange County Register has Wildflower worries at Anza-Borrego

National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

National Parks Traveler has  North Carolina Man Reportedly Thought it Would Be “Cool” To Carve His Name On Rock Art Panel At Glen Canyon NRA, House Natural Resources Committee Plans Keen Oversight of National Park Service, Other Land-Management Agencies and  State of Wyoming And One of Its Counties Again Seeking Permission To Sue Over Yellowstone National Park Snowmobile Limits

Consumer Traveler has  A natural gem in the midst of historic Philadelphia

Wildlife Links

NPR has Elaborate Nest Decorations Show Bird’s Vitality

National Parks Traveler has  Exhibit At Great Smoky Mountains National Park Addresses White-Nose Syndrome in Bats,

BBC has Two forms of world’s ‘newest’ cat, the Sunda leopard and Seahorses’ body shape explained

ABC Science has Smaller corals take the heat

Environmental Graffiti has Nepal Successfully Relocates Wild Tiger For First Time

Delaware Online has Petition seeks protection for Delmarva fox squirrel

The Bay Citizen has  Butterfly Could KO Antioch Power Plants

Art & Other Adventures with Narca has  A Snow Goose Named 5-1V

The Library of Congress had  Hawk Rescued from Main Reading Room

Miami Herald has  Invasive species continues to spread despite supposed obstacles

Links – January 21, 2011

Arizona Sun Blanket Flower

Arizona Sun Blanket Flower (c) 2010 Patty Hankins

Here are some sites I found interesting recently. Hope you enjoy them.

Photography and Art Links

Mike Spinak has How to Isolate Subjects Part 1 and Part 2

Christopher Schneiter at Luminous-Landscape has Do You Need An HDR Intervention?

PhotoAttorney has  The Other Side to the DMCA Takedown Notice

Flowers, Plants & Gardening Links

Smithsonian Science has  With specialist pollinator absent, Himalayan gingers must adapt

Freshare has  Wildflowers Give Subtle Direction to Butterflies

National Wildlife Federation has Garden for Wildlife

NYTimes has Tiny Flower Saved from Extinction

Karen’s Garden Tips has   Botany for Gardeners: The Leaf-Shape

National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

National Parks Traveler has  Civil War Preservation Trust Saves 49 Acres of “Wilderness Battlefield” From Development, A Day At Big Cypress National Preserve In “The Dry”, Watching Climate Change Across the National Park System and National Park Service Looking For Kids Interested in Becoming Junior Civil War Historians

NPCA has  Coalition of Clean Air Groups Bring Actions Against Federal Government For Failure to Protect People and National Parks

Wildlife Links

Friends of Blackwater NWR has  Welcome to a New Season! The blog will have updates on the Blackwater NWR Eagle Cam. There are 3 eggs in the nest this year!

The Telegraph has Cameras for tiger study capture poachers at Orang and ‘Extinct’ Bornean Bay Cat spotted in Malaysia

Refuge Watch has  Stranded Dolphin Calf Rescued at Ding Darling NWRUSFWS Proposes Wolf Killing at Alaska Maritime NWR and Birds Die During Rat Eradication at Alaska Maritime NWR

St Petersburg Times has Lovesick whooping crane Romeo gets home with his Juliet in Homosassa Springs


Links – January 14, 2011

Harmony Dwarf Iris

Harmony Dwarf Irises II (c) 2010 Patty Hankins

Here are some sites I found interesting recently. Hope you enjoy them.

Photography and Art Links

Photo Attorney has  Q&A – Copyright Registration Issues

Dan Williams has  What Makes “Fine Art” Photography

Guy Tal has Teach Yourself Photography in 80 Years

Serious Amateur Photography has  Getting Tack Sharp Wildlife Shots

Light Stalking has  The 7 Keys to Improving Your Photography This Year

Alain Briot has  Preparation In Fine Art Landscape Photography – Part 1 of 2: Field and Studio Preparation

A Photo Editor has Thinking Of Working For Free?

John Paul Caponigro has  The Art of Packing

The Art Newspaper has Art world up in arms at “light bulb” law

PDN Online has  Shepard Fairey, AP Settle Copyright Lawsuit

Flowers, Plants & Gardening Links

BBC has Single peat moss plant ‘conquered America’

National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

National Park Service has Free Entrance Days in the National Parks – first one in 2011 is this weekend – January 15-17.

Refuge Watch has Salazar Announces Proposal for New Everglades Headwaters NWR and Interview with Refuge Filmmaker Emily Scott

National Parks Traveler hasPhoto Spot: Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and  Grant Will Help Blue Ridge Parkway Ranger Collect Oral Histories

The Natural Capital has Nature Centers in the DC Area

Wildlife Links

Christian Science Monitor has  What’s killing bumble bees? Some species’ numbers down 96 percent.

Climate Progress has Globe’s coral reefs suffer second worst bleaching on record during 2010

BBC has  Drive to save the world’s most endangered coral species, Feeding garden birds such as tits delays dawn chorus, ‘Unethical’ flipper tags are damaging to penguins’

and  Giant pandas ‘need old-growth forests’

National Parks Traveler has  Annual Count Shows Huge Decline In Yellowstone National Park Elk Herd, But How Accurate Is It?

Environmental Issues Links

Christian Science Monitor has Gulf oil spill study’s surprisig find: Bacteria ate methane in three months and Gulf oil spill report warning: US must watch offshore drilling more closely

NY Times has  Scope and Pace of Gulf Cleanup Is Criticized and Figures on Global Climate Show 2010 Tied 2005 as the Hottest Year on Record

National Parks Traveler has Report Lists 10 U.S. Ecosystems Whose Species Are Most-Threatened By Climate Change

Washington Post has  Farmers group seeks to block EPA’s plan to clean Chesapeake Bay


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