Links – March 9, 2012

Prairie Smoke - geum triflorum

Prairie Smoke © 2011 Patty Hankins

Here are some posts and articles that I enjoyed this week – hope you enjoy them as well

National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

National Parks Traveler has Interior Secretary Salazar: No Plans To Explore Possibility of a North Woods National Park in Maine,and It’s the Centennial Year for Washington D.C.’s Cherry Blossoms. Will the Blooms Cooperate?

Mother Jones has Should Corporations Bankroll National Parks?

The Nature Conservancy has New Everglades Refuge Benefits People, Wildlife, Ranching and Recreation

Wildlife Links

Discovery News has Killing Barred Owls to Save the Spotted Owl

BBC has Up to 900 tropical bird species could ‘go extinct’

National Parks Traveler has Ongoing Research At Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Shows Steady Peregrine Falcon Population and Yellowstone National Park Wolf Population Numbers Down

US Fish and Wildlife Service has Reward Offered for Information on Killing of a Bald Eagle in Lucedale, Mississippi – $2,500 to Help Identify the Shooter

Environment Links

Christian Science Monitor has Five hotbeds of biodiversity

New York Times has Spike in Food Prices Projected by 2013

Washington Post has Mexico City’s ancient Xochimilco floating gardens are in ecological peril

Photography and Art Links

William Brittan has Morton Overlook – a great photo spot in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

PhotoAttorney has What’s An Infringement Worth?

Art Biz Blog has How to Investigate an Artist Call for Entry [Infographic]

Ask Harriette has An Opinion about Pinterest – “What’s Yours Is Mine”?

Huffington Post has The Case Against Art Show Entry Fees

Plagiarism Today has 5 Misconceptions Copyright Holders Have About the DMCA


If you’re in the DC area – I hope you’ll join me and other flower lovers at our DC Flower Safari Meetups. Next one is scheduled for March 17th when we head over to see Early Spring Flowers at Brookside Gardens. Hope to see you there!

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