Links – December 23, 2011

Christmas Feeling Poinsettia © 2010 Patty Hankins

Here are some posts and articles that I enjoyed this week – hope you enjoy them as well

Photography and Art Links

Russ Bishop Photography has Simplify, Simplify

PND Photo District has Photogs Show Up on List for Unclaimed Royalties


BBC News has Guide reveals Amazon’s biological bounty

Native Plant Wildlife Garden has Designing with Native Plants

Native Plants & Wildlife Garden has Plant This Not That: Native Groundcover Edition

National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

National Parks Traveler has Great Smoky Mountains National Park Receives a Generous and Timely Gift, and Resort Planned For Schoodic Peninsula Near Acadia National Park Scuttled

Refuge Watch has Congress Cuts Refuge System Budget for FY12

Wildlife Links

Daily Record has Bald eagles reach new milestone in N.J.

The New York Times has For Many Species, Moving Day Has Added Stress, and Trucking Trout to Their Native Streams

The Washington Post has Little brown bats found that appear to resist disease that has devastated species

Environmental Issues Links

The New York Times has As Permafrost Thaws, Scientists Study the Risks and Environmentalists Get Down to Earth

Daily KOS has House Republicans smash their own record for anti-environmental votes

The Washington Post has Brazil’s forest policy could undermine its climate goals

Africa News has Climate change to heap more burden on women

The Guardian has Save our sacred woodlands

Nature Conservancy has Nature Brains: Conserving Grasslands Can Help Millions of People

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