Links – December 31, 2010


Caleb Hibiscus

Caleb Hibiscus (c) 2010 Patty Hankins


Here are some sites I found interesting recently. Hope you enjoy them.

Photography and Art Links

Naturography has When Publishers Request Freebies

PaidContent has  Court To AFP: Pics Aren’t Free Just Because They’re On Twitter

NYTimes has  For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas


National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

BBC has US to make ‘wild’ public land eligible for protection

Daily Kos has  Obama’s new ‘Wild Lands’ policy irks Hatch and other rightists

National Parks Traveler has  Group Claims Big Cypress National Preserve Going Too Far With ORV Access, Panther Impacts


Wildlife Links

National Parks Traveler has  Yellowstone National Park’s ‘Psychedelic’ Wolves: Using Thermal Imagery To Study Disease and  How do You Catch a Python? Staff and Volunteers at Everglades National Park Learn the ABC’s

The Guardian has British wildlife benefits from return to ‘traditional’ seasonal weather

Monogbay has Red Pandas May be Threatened by Small Scale Trade

Hummingbird Guide has Endangered Hummingbird Photos

Vancouver Sun has Close encounter with ice-free polar bears shocks Coca-Cola exec

BBC has  Polar bears get the better of spy cameras

NYTimes has  Seven Brazilian Birds on U.S. Endangered List

Fox10TV has  Sea turtles wait out winter in rehab

Environmental Issues Links

The Guardian has  Why biodiversity loss and climate change are equal threats

National Science Foundation has What Triggers Mass Extinctions? Study Shows How Invasive Species Stop New Life

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