Links – July 2, 2010

Samur LIly

Samur Lily (c) 2009 Patty Hankins

Lots of links this week since I didn’t get a links post done last week – hope you find them interesting

Photography and Art Links

Ask Harriete has Help! My work’s been sold and I’m not getting paid? What do I do?

Plagiarism Today has 11 Free Online Copyright Tools for Photographers and Artists and The Strange Case of the iPower DMCA Notice

PhotoAttorney has Five Things You Can Do To Protect Your Online Images and The Next Best Resource for Copyright Law

ThinkGeek has Officially Our Best Ever Cease and Desist

Barney Davey has The Case For Open Edition Prints – Part II

Beyond Megapixels has Traveling with Your Camera Gear

Dear Rich has Keeping Monuments Safe From Photography

LightStalking has the Three Main Challenges of Zoo Photography (and How to Overcome Them)

Maria Brophy has The Price of Opportunity and Playing Art Banker

Alyson Stanfield has Five Reasons to Join and Be Active in an Artist Organization

Jeff Revell has Shoot in RAW – It’s What Ansel Adams Would Do

Flower, Gardening and Plant Links

Flickriver has a Ghost Orchid Time Lapse

Homestead Gardens has Mike McGrath on Gardening for Wildlife

NY Times has A Garden Crawl Through the Garden State

The Telegraph has Orchids Make a Comback Thanks to End of Cutting Lawns

National Park & National Wildlife Refuge Links

National Park Traveler has Traveler’s Checklist: Shenandoah National Park, Virgin Islands National Park Grows by 2 Acres Thanks to Donation, Surprising Coral Reef Found at Virgin Islands National Monument, Far Below and Long Ago Along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and America’s Great Outdoors: Your Chance to Speak Up

Science Daily has Studies Confirm Presence, Severity of Pollution in National Parks

Wildlife Links

LiveScience has Small Creatures will be Oil Spill’s Biggest Victims

National Parks Traveler has Sea Turtle Hatchlings Set Free at Padre Island National Seashore Despite Tar Balls, Litter of Mountain Lion Kittens Found at Santa Monica Mountains NRA, Loggerhead Sea Turtle Crushed by Vehicle at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Dangerous Lionfish Invading Waters of Key Biscayne National Park, and Groups Notify BP, US Coast Guard They’ll Be Sued Over Burning of Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles

Christian Science Monitor has Sea Turtle Followed to Learn How To Protect Endangered Species

Science Daily has Discovery of How Coral Reefs Adapt to Global Warming Could Aid in Reef Restoration

Miami Herald has Florida Rushes to the Rescue again to Save Oil-Soaked Pelicans

Middle of Everywhere has Who is Under Your Beach Towel?

NY Times has US Plans Extraordinary Measures to Rescue Turtles Along the Gulf Coast

Scientific American has Drastic Measures: 8 Wild Ways to Combat Invasive Species

Daledesigns has White Tigers Get New Mom

And if you need a dose of cuteness . . . Land of PureGold Foundation has Teaching Babies to Swim, Oh My – watch baby otters learn to swim

Environmental Issues Links

Christian Science Monitor has Gulf Oil Spill: Can Earth Survive this Disaster?

Ocean Doctor has Want to Help the Gulf of Mexico? Kill Your Lawn

USFWS has posted a video on YouTube about Boom: Our Defense Line

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