Links – February 5, 2009

Black Eyed Susans I (c) 2009 Patty Hankins

Lots of links this week – since I didn’t get a links post done last week. Hope you find some of these links interesting

Photography Links

PhotoAttorney has When the ISP is Immune from from Copyright Infringement Liability and Photographer Defends Infringement Lawsuit for Photograph of Sculpture

Photo Business News and Forum has information about PILFERED Magazine – Copyright Scumbags

LA Times has an article For Photographers and Graphic Artists, Not a Pretty Picture Out There

BBC has information about a Photographers Protest Over UK Terror Search Law

Photocritic has Protecting Your Copyright in a Digital World

The January 27 What the Duck is wonderful.

Beyond Megapixels has suggestions on How To Introduce Your Child to Photography

Photoshop Insider has a guest post from Peter Eastway on What is Photographic Reality?

Lighting Essentials has Before You Shoot for Peanuts, Consider the Risks

The Copyright Zone has Take My Intellectual Property, Please

DC Area photogs – two photowalks are coming up in the area. Marc Benton is hosting the National Archives and Chinese New Year Parade Photowalk on Feb. 21. Andy Smith of Visual Realia is organizing the Sights, Sounds and Tastes Photowalk on March 6.

National Parks Links

National Parks Traveler has posts on Federal Government Urged to Close Caves Inahbited by Bats to Stop Spread of White Nose Syndrome,When is Conservation of Park Land Purdent and When is Spending Wasteful, Reducing the Federal Deficit is Essential But Are National Parks the Place to Cut Spending, Will This Spring Be Colorful in Death Valley, and the President FY2011 Budget Proposal Seeks $ 2.7 Billion for NPS

The Orlando Sentinal has St. Johns NWR to Consider Public Access

Refuge Watch has Obama’s Refuge System Budget Disappoints and  Officials Worry About Whooping Crane Die Off

NPS has a list of National Park Service Webcams

Wildlife Links

LiveCam of a Black Bear Den

Gardening Links

Adam’s Garden has So You Like Birds and Butterflies, You Better Make Room for Caterpillars

Garden Variety has iPod iPhone iPad Itunes iGarden

Environmental Issues Links

The Christian Science Monitor has Lawns May Contribute to Global Warming, has Understanding Human Threats to Earth’s Largest Habitat – the Deep Sea

NY Times has a report on a Study that Finds Tree Growth Spurt

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One Response to “Links – February 5, 2009”

  1. Andy Says:

    Thanks for adding the photowalk link, Patty. Greatly appreciated!

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