Links – January 22, 2010

Bird’s Foot Trefoil (c) 2009 Patty Hankins

I found lots of interesting links this week – hope you enjoy them

Photography Links

Luminous Landscape has Flying with Camera Gear Post 25 December 2009

Peter Cox has an essay at the Luminous Landscape on The Photographer Excludes

Virtual Photography Studio has Get Clients: How Photographers are Using Facebook and Twitter

MTPT has Flickr the Front Page or An Independent Breach of Copyright

Photography is Not a Crime has Chicago Transit Authority Urges Commuters to Report Photographers

PhotoAttorney has When Does the Time Start for your Copyright Infringement Claim

Photo Business News has SpiderPic – How Stupid Can Photographers Be

Photofocus has Are You in Stealth Mode

Bryan Cave has Copyright: A Primer

Guy Tal has What Have We Learned in 130 Years

BBC has Historic Bentley Snowflake Photos for sale

Gardening Links

The Christians Science Monitor has Annuals and Perennials that Attract Birds to your Yard and

Gardening Made Easy is one of my favorite gardening blogs – lots of great info for new and not-so-new gardeners

Home and Gardening has the Top 5 Most Beautiful Gardens in Europe

Adams Gardens has a blog about native plants that I’ve been enjoying reading.

Luxury Housing Trends has Greener Garden Tips  Part 1 and Part 2

Environmental Issues Links

The Christian Science Monitor has Water Conservation – The Why and How for Homeowners and

Penn State Live has Bee Research Shows Benefits of Native Plants, Wild Bees

Greenhouse Neutral Foundation has Sea Level Rising Along US Atlantic Coast

Huffington Post has US Mexican Border Wall Destroying Habitats for Endangered Animals

Science Daily has Mountain Plants Unable to Withstand Onslaught from Invasive Species

National Parks Links

Parks Traveler has 21 National Park System Units Nominated for “Marine Protected” Status, NC Wildlife Officials Considering Reclassifying Status of GSMNP Elk, and By the Numbers, Affiliated Areas

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