Photography Links – November 6, 2009


Fish Peppers (c) 2009 Patty Hankins

Lots of  links this week

Mediaite has a post on We Keep Finding Historically Significant Photos. Will Our Grandchildren?

Photofocus has  posts on Things You Can Do With A Polarizer and  Watermarking Your Images

Digital Photography School has a 90 Year Old Example of Forced Perspective

Jeff Revell has One From The Mailbag – How Do You Know What F Stop to Use?

ReadWriteWeb has a post on a US/International Copyright Treaty Leaked

On the same topic – Photo Business news & Forum has ACTA – Sounds Too Good To Be True

Plagiarism Today has information about the Firebowl Controversy

The issue of sexism in photography arose on a couple of blogs – beginning with Shedding Light on the Gender Gap from the Strobist blog with a response from Visual Perspective Photo Sexism We’re Women Still Playing in a Men’s World

Black Star Rising has A Photo Credit Doesn’t Pay The Rent.

PDN has an article about Toyota Aplogizes for Using Flickr Photos in SUV Ad

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3 Responses to “Photography Links – November 6, 2009”

  1. Bo Mackison Says:

    Thanks for incredibly useful links. I checked them all, all great info. Thanks for putting this together.

    BTW, the 18,000 soldier Statue of Liberty made me look for a long time. Can you imagine? :-)

  2. Walzer Photography Says:

    These links are fabulous!!

  3. Sharon Sedano Says:

    thank you for the links!! They are extremely useful.

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