Photography Links – May 22, 2009

Lots of links this week – hope you find them interesting . . .

Photocritic has a post on Abolish Automatic Settings

Copyright Law and Copyright Information has a post on Copyright Infringement and Critical Time Frames Related to Registration

Marc Silber has a post with a video about Ansel Adams’ famous Moon and Half Dome Photo

Photo Business News & Forum has a post on Smithsonian Folklife Festival Mis-Steps

Yanik’s Photo School has a post on the Top 12 Firefox Add-ons for Photographers

Photofocus has Tips for Today’s Travel Photographers

Virtual Photography Studio has 10 Ways to Help Break Photographer’s Block

PhotoAttorney has When You Definitely Need a Model Release

Scott Kelby is organizing a 2nd Worldwide Photowalk on July 18th.

DC Shutterbugs has info about the various July 18th Photowalks in our area.

Shawn Duffy is hosting another Night Photowalk in DC on June 13. He also posted a copy of his talk on Night Photography to his blog.

Plagiarism Today has A Warning for DMCA Filers

New Media Photographer has 31 things You are not doing (for your photo business)

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One Response to “Photography Links – May 22, 2009”

  1. rosh03 Says:

    Thank you for listing the 31 things. I had a good time writing them out.

    I see a number of other good links above I need to check out.

    All the best,

    (New Media photographer)

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