Photography Links – May 1, 2009

A few links this week – hope you find them interesting.

The Photog Formula has a post on ISO – Exposure Triangle Pt. 3

Black Star Rising has posts on The True Cost of Free and Things My Cat Has Taught Me About Photography

Photofocus has  post on How Photographers Can use Twitter as a Marketing Tool and  Weather: The Photographer’s Friend

Ask Harriette has a post on Cease and Desist Letters Designed to Scare Artists

Paul Burwell has Top 10 Wildlife Photography Tips

Virtual Photography Studio has a post on Photographing by the Page for wedding photographers

Jim Goldstein has 10 Tips when Using dSLRs in High Humidity

Digital Photography School has 4 Tips for Better Wildlife Photography

9to5PhotoTips has some great Photography Training Videos

DC Area photographers – Marc Benton is hosting an Embassy Row Photowalk on May 9.

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2 Responses to “Photography Links – May 1, 2009”

  1. Marc Benton Says:

    Thanks for the link love, hope we see you out there on the 9th.

  2. Curtis Copeland Says:

    Good photography links – thanks!

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