Bald River Falls

Bald River Falls (c) 2008 Patty Hankins

On my recent trip to Tennessee, one of the places I was able to do some photography was at Bald River Falls. Located on FR 210 in the Cherokee National Forest, the falls are located along the Bald River just before it flows into the Tellico River. The falls are between 80 and 100 feet high.

Between the gorgeous fall color and the rushing water from the recent rains, the falls were spectacular the morning I was there.

(c) 2008 Patty Hankins

Bald River Falls are very easy to photograph. Both of my photos were taken from the bridge over the river. There’s a small parking lot just past the bridge on FR 210. All I had to do was park there, and walk back a few hundred yards for a gorgeous view of the falls.

After photographing the falls from the bridge, I headed down to the river bank. Just under the bridge, the Bald River flows into the Tellico River. The fall color along the Tellico River was amazing.

Along the Tellico River (c) 2008 Patty Hankins

Bald River Falls is very easy to find. From Tellico Plains, TN, take Hwy 165 – the Cherohala Skyway to the intersection with Forest Road 210. Turn right on FR 210, in a few miles, Bald River Falls will be on your right.

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4 Responses to “Bald River Falls”

  1. mikewalker Says:

    Your photos are breathtaking. My dad was from Tellico and there is a special place for those falls in our heart. I dont know how close you are to Tellico but there is a little cemetary up the road on the other side of the river just over the hilltop where most of my family rests. Hardshell.

  2. Tina Fouts Says:

    These pictures bring back so many memories for me … we used to swim there as children ..we lived in Tellico Plains as young children father was from there .. thanks for the beautiful images .. he passed away in 1998 and i miss him dearly these images make me feel better and closer to him.. great shots ….

  3. BirdGalAlcatraz Says:

    Stunning photos, just stunning! Thank you, Patty!

  4. declaretonextgeneration Says:

    Thanks for the photos. My husband & I spent our honeymoon there 25 yrs ago.

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