Links – July 18 2008

Thanks for all the feedback on how often I should posting the links post. At this point, I’ll keep doing one a week. Looking at my fall show schedule – I doubt I’ll be able to manage more than one even if I want to.

As a followup to last week’s links about Flickr and copyright, Plagiarism Today has a post on Why Flickr Licensing Fails. Scott Bourne at TWIP wrote about Flickr, Myxer, Copyright Infringement and Lack of Respect

Jeff Revell at PhotoWalkPro has a post on a new software for Digital Black and White Photography and a video on Setting up Your Camera for HDR

Alain Briot has an essay about Medium Format Digital Collages.

Photo Business News & Forum has a new Orphan Works FAQ from the Illustrator’s Partnership.

GoogleEarth blog has information that might help wildlife photographers – Range Maps for various Wildlife

Jack Noble has suggestions for a few iPhone Apps for Photographers

Digital Photography School has 20 Photography Tips from Our Twitter Followers (personally I like tip # 3), Digital Photo Storage on the Road and 25 Great Photography Tutorials and Links From Around the Web

DIYPhotography.Net has Nine Reasons to Manually Focus When Taking Pictures

TWIP has a great post on Registering Your Copyright With the Library of Congress

HyperPhocal has 8 Tips for Get Started with your First DSLR

PhotoshopInsider has a fantastic interview with Jack Reznicki about Copyright Registration

PhotoAttorney has Five Great Resources to Help You Set Up Your Photography Business and info on new rules for Photographers in New York City.

Black Star Rising has a post on Up Your Price with Limited Edition Photography

This past week, I’ve listened to several really nice podcasts from EXIF and Beyond. Jim Goldstein does some great interviews on his podcast. Some of my favorites have been his interviews with Dan Heller, Lawrence Lessing and Jeff Sedik. You can download the podcasts from iTunes or listen to online streaming versions.

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