Links – June 27, 2008

Here are a few photography-related links we found this week – hope you enjoy them!

Epic Edits has a Guide to Buying Old Film Cameras

Peter Liu at The Image Geek has a post on Capturing the Light

Digital Photography School has a post on How to Reduce Camera Shake

Your Photo Tips has information on Photographing Fireworks and one about a Photography Book Club

HyperPhocal has 10 Steps to Maintain Your Camera

Visual Realia has posted the route for the September 14 Gettysburg PhotoWalk

PhotoCycle has an incredible interview with Michael Adams – son of Ansel Adams.

Beyond Megapixels has a post on Understanding Camera Exposure Modes and one on Shooting with Slow Shutter Speeds

Thomas Hawks has a post explaining his Photography Workflow and one on using FriendFeed to View Your Flicker Photos and Contacts

Jeff Revell has information about TinEye - a website that helps you search for your images online and one one I want to Buy A DSLR

Bill Caulfeild-Browne has an essay at the Luminous Landscape on Camera Nostalgia

Matt Kloskowski has a guest post on Photoshop Insider on Photoshop Dialogs and Palettes

TWIP also has a post on Photographing Fireworks

Moose Peterson has information about the Polar Bear Seas Protection Act Be sure to use your reload/refresh button on your browser so you can see the photo at the top of the page on Moose’s blog.

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